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Besides its host function, La Petite Foucaudière welcomes  facilitators for various activities: yoga, dance, music, personal development, healing technics (shiatsu, reiki, essenian therapies...). A wide wood floored room is available, along with a mezzanine equiped with a massage table. At your convenience, Isa can prepare meals if required.

“You are not your mind”

Eckhart Tolle



Yoga / dance / music / personal development / healing technics (shiatsu, reiki, essenians therapies...).

Facilitator, students, you are all very welcome !


Whether you a facilitator, teacher, student, or traveller,

you can contact Isabelle and Alain for further details

regarding your stay at la Petite Foucaudiere

+33 (0)6 83 77 52 28

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